Free Creative Commons LPI Level 1 Linux Training Manual Released

Last year (2010), in August, I was engaged as one of the authors to write the recently released, "Linux System Administration, LPI Certification Level 1" manual. The training manual has been released under a creative commons license and is free for users to redsitribute and use.

Besides myself the other authors were Chris Brown, author of the O'Reilly book "Suse Linux"  and Brian Ssennoga a system administrator from Uganda. The book was officially launched at the recent e-learning conference held in Tanzania.

Lowering Barriers to Linux Training and Certification in Africa

The thinking behind creating a free book for LPI training was to lower the cost of training LInux administrators in Africa as the commercial book available can be cost prohibitive. The material that was available under GNU or other open source type licenses were outdated as they had been prepared for the older LPI curriculum and needed to be updated. We did build ont he content of these previous materials

The book was written over an extremely short period as it needed to be ready for some scheduled training that was due to take place in October 2010. I am sure there are many places for improvement and it is hoped that many people from around the world will contribute back by adding to  and correcting the content where needed.

The development of the book was sponsored by the [email protected] project. It can be downloaded here.