Free Linux Essentials E-Book

Free Linux Essentials Training Manual

Hot on the heels of the recently release Linux Essentials exam and training courses, a free ebook has been released to the community.under a creative commons license! The book covers the objectives of the LPI LES exam. a vendor neutral,  measure of foundation knowledge in Linux and Open Source.

Download the free Linux Essentials E-Book here!

The Linux Essentials exam is not  a required, pre-requisite for the LPIC level 1-3 certification, but is recommended for students who are new to Linux. Exams can be taken at Jumping Bean :)

TheLinux Essentials  Exam Objectives

  1. Topic 1:The Linux Community and a Career in Open Source
    • 1.1 Linux Evolution and Popular Operating Systems
    • 1.2 Major Open Source Applications
    • 1.3 Understanding Open Source Software and Licensing
    • 1.4 ICT Skills and Working in Linux
  2. Topic 2: Finding Your Way on a Linux System
    • 2.1 Command Line Basics
    • 2.2 Using the Command Line to Get Help
    • 2.3 Using Directories and Listing Files
    • 2.4 Creating, Moving and Deleting Files
  3. Topic 3: The Power of the Command Line (weight: 10)
    • 3.1 Archiving Files on the Command Line
    • 3.2 Searching and Extracting Data from Files
    • 3.3 Turning Commands into a Script
  4. Topic 4: The Linux Operating System (weight: 8)
    • 4.1 Choosing an Operating System
    • 4.2 Understanding Computer Hardware
    • 4.3 Where Data is Stored
    • 4.4 Your Computer on the Network
  5. Topic 5: Security and File Permissions (weight: 7)
    • 5.1 Basic Security and Identifying User Types
    • 5.2 Creating Users and Groups
    • 5.3 Managing File Permissions and Ownership
    • 5.4 Special Directories and Files