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LPI Linux Training Level 2 - This course trains students to plan, implement and maintain small to medium networks.

Pre-requisites: LPIC-1, although the LPIC2 and LPIC1 exams can be taken in any order (prerequisites are only if you wish to write the LPI-2 exams. If you wish to take this course and have the sufficient background knowledge you do not need to attend the LPIC-1 training course nor have the LPIC-1 certification)

Final Certificate Requirements: Passing Exams LPI-201 and LPI-202 for LPI certification

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Overview of Tasks:

  • Configure and manage users and shares SAMBA and NFS,
  • Configure and manage a network and network services - Bind (DNS),firewalls (IPTables), Proxy Servers (Squid), routing
  • Set-up and manage web servers (apache), ftp servers, mail servers
  • Compile and patch Linux kernels,
  • System security with PAM,LDAP,
  • File-system configuration and maintenance with LVM, RAID
  • Troubleshooting

For more information on course content please refer to the LPI course objectives:

LPI 201 - Detailed Objectives

LPI 202 - Detailed Objectives


Intermediate Linux Training Days Price
Intermediate Linux Training Crash Course (LPIC -2) 5 R13,000
Intermediate Linux Training (LPIC -201) 4 R9,500
Intermediate Linux Training (LPIC -202) 4 R9,500

* Training fees Includes text book, lunch and tea. All Classes start at 09H00-09H30 unless pre-arranged.