Best Books For LPI Training

Sat, 07/05/2011 - 09:13 -- mark

In our Linux courses we make use of two books to thoroughly cover the LPI 1 training material and we are often asked to recommend a book for self study for students and exam candidates.

The list of books that directly cover the LPI 1 course syllabus is limtied to three books that we recommend. There are two commercially available books, namely:

  • Sybex's LPIC-1: Linux Professional Institute Certification Study Guide (Level 1 Exams 101 and 102), and
  • O'Reilly's LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell

The third recommendation is the free creative commons LPI  training guide that we at Linux Certification had a hand in developing. The free LPI 1 study guide can be downloaded here.

Which book is best depends are where you are as a Linux professional. If you are relatively new to LInux and need a more in-depth guide, the Sybex book is the option for you. If you are a more experience Linux professional and looking to get certified to proof what you know to employers then the O'Reilly book is more your bag. The free ebook is great for having another source to check your understanding against. As a creative commons project in its first iteration it will improve with time, but since it is free it is hard to beat its value.

If you have the resources then buy both books. If resources are limtied then base your choice on the recommendations set out above but its a no-bainer to download the creative commons LPI study guide and use that too. If you feel like you can always help improve it as well and really get into the philosophy of Linux.


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